Copy of RASTER, VECTOR,JPGs, and PNGs.

Did you know that colors express different moods. Remember those mood rings a lot of people had when we were kids? The hotter your hand got, the more black (or red) the ring became. Have you ever thought about the impact that color might have on your classroom?

What about your walls in your room? Not everyone gets to choose the color of your walls in your classroom. I understand that. But usually, you can hang things up. What is the background color of your posters? I guess I’m assuming that you have some sort of art on your walls. I’ve been in a lot of classes that have nothing. It doesn’t even look like the room is used for anything.

Here’s a great Pinterest wall from a John Law that talks about Color Theory¬†to get you started.

Why did the Iowa Hawkeys¬†paint the visitor’s locker room, pink? Here’s the answer

What colors do you use in your Google Docs? Does it determine what type of assignment it is?

Some thoughts on Color Theory…




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