Having a background in design and screen printing has really helped me in dealing with file types in the classroom.

This is a great infographic that helps explain a lot of the questions and thoughts on comparing the two main types of files in dealing with art.

In a nutshell, most things in your classroom content will be picture (bitmap) files. The main things that you will need to know is the difference between JPGs, and PNGs,

(Here’s a good explanation if you want to geek out about it.)

JPGs or JPEGs are picture files that can’t have a transparency. Most of them are just standard picture files that you would grab off the web or a google search. If you’re looking for clipart and it’s a jpg, you’re probably going to have a white box around the graphic. It’s not a bad deal if you’re working on a white background, but if you put that jpg on a colored background, it’s going to have a white box around it.

Similar to JPGs are PNGs. The main difference is that they can have a transparent background. These are “cut out” already and can be placed on any color background. I think it’s easier and more beneficial to do as much as you can in PNGs. It just saves you a lot of time later. If you have a class logo, it’s better to have this in an PNG instead of a JPG.

I’ll be making a couple of videos explaining it in more detail.



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